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Welcome to the Iron Range Hockey Association Website!

We are a House League Hockey Association for Mites through Midget levels, both boys and girls, and the home of the Negaunee Miners High School Hockey Team. We are affiliated with both USA Hockey and Michigan Amateur Hockey Association.

MISSION STATEMENT To provide an affordable opportunity for youth of all abilities to learn the skills of skating and playing hockey in a positive atmosphere. In doing so, youth will learn sportsmanship and build character while staying physically active. IRHA primarily serves the youth of five school districts in west and south Marquette County.



If you would like to be a member of the IRHA board please submit a letter of interest to an Election committee member: Brett Nelson, Perry Wooden, or Jill DuBord.  Letter submission is due by January 26,2020.  A letter of interest can also be put into the IRHA mailbox in the back of the concession stand.  Again letters are due by January 26, 2020.



Raffle Ticket Winners! 

 Teresa Biard 1,000.00 

 Sheri Wooden 750.00 

 Mike Nurmi 500.00 

 Melissa Wolff 400.00 

 Rick Kauppila 300.00 

 Terry St Germain 200.00 

 Dorothy Carr 150.00 

 Joe Johnson 100.00 

 Kevin Stauffer 100.00 

 Blake Sullivan 100.00 

 Jen Gracyalny 100.00 

 Eero Taisto 100.00 

 Denise Polkinghorne 100.00 

 Lisa Mikkola 100.00 

 Carrie LaPin 100.00 

 Kaelyn Wright 100.00 

 Lonnie Hess 50.00 

 Wayne Petzke 50.00 

 Lillie Moore 50.00 

 Charles Gardner 50.00 

 Matt heinzel – other 50.00 

 Angela Perrow 50.00 

 Katie Trudgeon 50.00 

 Howard Wood 50.00 

 Carolyn Boase 50.00 

 Darla Manninen 50.00 

 Steven Pelto 50.00 

 Nathan Bone 50.00 

 Paul Andersen 50.00 

 Gary Suardini 50.00 

 Nate Dawson 50.00 

 Tony Tonge 50.00



Please take a look at this link.  Let us make the game fun.


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